Is your child sitting comfortably for National Storytelling Week?

As schools, theatres and clubs prepare for National Storytelling Week, how prepared is your child to sit still and listen?

For some children, the prospect of having to sit still and listen can fill them with dread. It is normal for children to fidget – but inattention, confusion, impulsivity and hyperactivity are also signs of attention deficit disorder (ADD). Sometimes, these children are ‘labelled’ as troublemakers or criticised for being lazy and undisciplined

At Sunflower, we look at the whole child, not the label. We believe that understanding the root cause and the way in which the brain mediates between the mind, the musculoskeletal and the biochemistry of the body is critical to effectively addressing the problem – by sorting out much of this underlying confusion, children respond far to any additional help they may be receiving.

Jamie was one such Sunflower story, who was prescribed medication for his ADHD. During his Sunflower assessment, it was identified that Jamie exhibited difficulties in his sensory coordination and integration of the right/left hemispheres of his brain as well as difficulty with accurate visual discrimination, eye tracking and focusing.

Through the duration of the Sunflower Programme Jamie’s showed consistent gradual improvement. By the end of the first term, Jamie had gone up four reading levels and improved greatly with maths and sport. The school reported the change in Jamie as “marvellous”.   He no longer gets frustrated and angry at home, outbursts are down to a minimum and he will listen before reacting.  “Jamie had always been a picky eater and was often not tired at bedtime.  He now sleeps through the night, eats all his lunch and dinner within a sensible time – a dramatic change from bed hopping and hour long dinners.”

And, as we approach National Storytelling Week, Jamie is probably getting ready to sit still long enough to engage in the fascinating world of National Storytelling Week.

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