Sunflower supports children to thrive

In these days of fast food, fast living and quick fixes, there’s little wonder that many of our children struggle to keep up with the demands of school and life.

Indeed, as a parent, it is painful to watch your child struggle socially, behaviourally, academically or even on the sports field!

The Sunflower Programme supports children to thrive by providing a unique and innovative blend of approaches.  We believe that the healthy balance and function of the musculoskeletal framework of the body is essential to whole body health.


Sunflower has supported hundreds of children who have needed something extra to improve their overall wellbeing.  Alongside ensuring their physicality is as good as it can be, Sunflower teaches each child mindfulness by mastering their thinking and taking control of their own emotional state, thereby building resilience.

We have many grateful parents who now have healthier, happier and more confident children.

The support of the Sunflower Programme can be used alongside any medical, educational or mental health intervention already available.


About the Sunflower Programme

The Sunflower Programme is a unique approach to supporting the overall health and wellbeing of children.


What does the Programme involve?

The Sunflower Programme supports children to build resilience: physically, neurologically and emotionally.


Does your child need the Sunflower Programme?

If you are a concerned parent, just give Sunflower a call.  If we can’t support your child, we will signpost to who we feel can.


Many parents testify to Sunflower's support

Sunflower has many testimonials from parents demonstrating their healthier, happier and more confident child.

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The Sunflower Programme can effectively support your child to build their resilience!

Sunflower supports children to understand their whole self, to take ownership of how they feel, giving skills for life to build much needed resilience and enabling them to thrive in today’s world.


See how Sunflower

can support your child
See and hear first-hand from children
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The Sunflower Programme – An Integrated Approach

There is nothing more precious than your child, so why not get it right from the start? Optimising your child’s health and wellbeing from an early age can aid resilience.


Do these Sunflower stories resonate with you?

Here are just a handful of stories to give you a flavour of how we have supported children, young people and their families. Supporting children to thrive is what Sunflower is good at.

Sunflower in the News

Unlimited Possibilities

Join the hundreds of families that have put their children through the Sunflower Programme.

Supporting Your Child to Thrive

Supporting Your Child to Thrive

The early years provide an opportunity to lay the foundations of health and wellbeing that can last a lifetime. Get it right from the start. Sunflower supports every child to achieve optimum physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Tailored to your child

Tailored to your child

Each programme is unique to your child - musculoskeletal, neurological and emotional. The Sunflower Programme will support you and your child in a way that works for the family.

A Thriving Child

A Thriving Child

Our Sunflower stories demonstrate that a happier child makes a happier family.

I don’t believe in miracles – they just don’t happen, do they? I have witnessed something which, put in context, is as near to a miracle as I’ll ever get – and I am a Mechanical Engineer!
Sunflower Parent

Enable Your Child to Achieve

Sunflower believes that a child who is physically and neurologically balanced feels better, achieves more, has greater self-esteem, is sociable and makes the most of their opportunities.

Sunflower ParentWhat greater reward is possible than to see a child to achieve his potential when all had seemed impossible.
Sunflower Parent

Our Approach

Sunflower adheres to the World Health Organisation’s definition of health - “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. WHO 1948

Support by the Best

All Sunflower Practitioners have completed intensive training: are registered Osteopaths, Masters of Applied Kinesiology and qualified Practitioners in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (or the equivalent) as a minimum. It was no surprise that Sunflower won Charity Innovator of the Year 2015 award!

Stories that shine

Sunflower has supported hundreds of families, young people and children. Their stories, testimonials and quotes all testify as to the difference the programme has made to them.


Discover how Sunflower can support your child to thrive. Enquire about the Sunflower Programme today!

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